Choose your Cross Sells Types

Once you've activated your desired Cross Sells Locations, it's time to choose the specific Cross Sells Types you want to use: Cross Sells, Upsell and Frequently Bought Together bundles.

On Product Pages, you have the flexibility to activate all three options. Mix and match these options to suit your products and optimize sales.

Cross Sells

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Now that you have enabled your Cross Sells locations and selected the corresponding Cross Sells type, it's time to assign your Cross Sells effectively.

If you are choosing to display Cross Sells and Upsells on your Cart Page for example, you want to make sure you are assigning items on a per-product basis.

You can easily link Cross Sells A, B, and C to each other using the "link" button when assigning them manually. Alternatively, use our Smart Recommendations feature to generate Cross Sells and Upsells based on collections, sales history, and order history.

If you prefer a set of Cross Sells to be consistently displayed, such as Bestsellers, items on sale, or Staff Picks, assign Global Products instead to your locations. This allows you to assign a maximum of 15 products as your Cross Sells to be displayed every time.

Assigning Frequently Bought Together bundles is also a breeze. Simply select up to three products to be sold together at a customized price, including optional discounts. Keep in mind that not all items need to have bundles. It’s entirely up to you if you want to assign both Cross Sells, upsells and bundles to the same products!  

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