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How to Add a Post-Purchase Upsell on Shopify with Cross Sell

If you're eager to implement this effective strategy on your Shopify store, look no further. This article guides you on incorporating Post-Purchase upsells on Shopify using Cross Sell, a comprehensive upsell and cross sell Shopify app. With Cross Sell, you can seamlessly integrate strategies to enhance your average order value, drive revenue growth, and maximize profits. Elevate your customer experience and sales potential by mastering the art of cross selling and upselling through the innovative features provided by Cross Sell on your Shopify platform.

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What is a Post-Purchase Upsell?

An upsell is a strategic recommendation involving either:

1) a higher-priced version of a product recently purchased by your customer or
2) an entirely unrelated product that may enhance their shopping experience.

Upsells are customer-centric and optional, designed to cater to individual needs. In a physical establishment, upselling often occurs when a sales representative provides incentives at the point of sale (POS). In the online realm, the opportunities for displaying upsells are abundant, ranging from product pages to the checkout stage.

This proven tactic has become integral for numerous Shopify stores, consistently driving increased sales. Noteworthy upsell examples include encouraging customers to invest in sneakers crafted from premium materials, offering a larger bag of coffee at a discounted rate, suggesting a limited-edition dress, or enticing them to select a smartphone with higher storage capacity. The scope of upselling extends beyond products, encompassing services like gift wrapping, extended warranties, expedited shipping, or premium customer support.

Conversely, cross sells involve recommending additional items that complement a customer's recent purchases. Now, a Post-Purchase upsell, as the name implies, is an upsell strategically presented after a customer completes an order. This moment capitalizes on the peak of buying intent, when the customer is still reveling in the excitement of their recent purchase.

When seamlessly integrated, Post-Purchase  upsells yield multifaceted benefits for your store. Elevate your revenue streams, enhance customer satisfaction, and capitalize on the heightened buying sentiment with these strategic upselling techniques.

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Why You Should Implement Post-Purchase Upsells

Harnessing the potential of Post-Purchase  upsells can significantly transform the success of your Shopify store. The Post-Purchase stage presents a unique opportunity to entice customers into making additional purchases, considering they have already chosen your brand over others, demonstrating trust in your products. Capitalizing on this moment is pivotal to encourage an extra sale and foster long-term customer loyalty.

When executed effectively, upselling will empower you to:

  • Increase AOV, Revenue, and Profits: Post-Purchase upsells contribute to a substantial increase in Average Order Value (AOV), thereby boosting overall revenue and profits. This strategic approach allows you to garner more orders without significantly expanding your marketing budget. According to Sumo, upselling, in general, can enhance revenue by an average of 10-30%.

Upselling Impact on Revenue
Upsells Can Boost your Revenue up to 30%.

  • Upselling Impact on Revenue: If you've already integrated other upselling tactics, such as showcasing upsells on product pages or incorporating upsell offers in emails, incorporating Post-Purchase  upsells ensures that customers remain aware of your offerings throughout their entire shopping experience. This comprehensive approach steadily augments your bottom line.

  • Transform One-Off Customers into Repeat Customers: Post-Purchase upsells play a crucial role in converting one-time customers into repeat buyers. Recommending relevant upsells not only highlights the value your store offers but also encourages customers, still in the buying mood, to make additional purchases. This approach is cost-effective, as retaining existing customers is often easier than acquiring new ones.

Post-Purchase Upsell on Shopify Benefits
Repeat Buyers is Often Easier to Acquire than New Ones.

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): The CLV, representing the total revenue generated from a customer throughout their lifetime, experiences a boost as customers engage with upsells and return for additional purchases. Shopify emphasizes that upsells contribute to increased CLV by enhancing customer retention and AOV.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Well-timed and non-intrusive upsells address customer preferences and needs, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. Presenting diverse options without overwhelming customers simplifies decision-making and instills gratitude for showcasing potentially missed choices.

  • Scale Your Shopify Store: Encouraging customers to spend more has a profound impact on long-term growth. As revenue and profits increase through upsells, expansion becomes more feasible, allowing for a broader product range, additional staffing, and potential brick-and-mortar ventures. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of upselling, as reported by Sumo, makes it 68% more affordable than acquiring new customers.

Upselling Cost-Effectiveness Benefit
How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Considering all these advantages, incorporating Post-Purchase upsells into your Shopify business is crucial. To seamlessly integrate this strategy into your store, explore the new feature designed precisely for this purpose in Cross Sell.

How to Add a Post-Purchase Upsell on Shopify with Cross Sell

Cross Sell & Upsell, a top-rated Shopify app, empowers store owners to seamlessly incorporate upsells and cross sells into their online stores. Our latest feature facilitates the effortless addition of Post-Purchase upsells on Shopify.

Shopify and Cross Sell & Upsell
Shopify and Cross Sell Post-Purchase Integration.

Without further ado, here's how you can integrate Post-Purchase  upsells on Shopify using Cross Sell & Upsell.

Step 1: Install Cross Sell & Upsell

1. Log in to your Shopify account and find the Cross Sell & Upsell App or simply click here.

Step 1 to Install Cross Sell Recommendations to your Shopify Store
Log in to your Shopify Account.

2. Once you locate our app, hit the install button.

Step 2 to Install Cross Sell Recommendations to your Shopify Store
Find Cross Sell & Upsell and Hit Install.

3. Choose a plan to trial and accept charges on Shopify. Enjoy a 14-day free trial, cancel anytime! Charges apply only when a subscription starts after the trial ends.

4. Follow the instructions to activate the Cross Sell & Upsell embedded app in your store and save the changes.

Step 2: Configure your Post-Purchase Upsell Settings

1. Enable the Post-Purchase functionality in the Cross Sell & Upsell app by navigating to the Assign menu.

Add Post-Purchase Recommendations to your Shopify Store
Enable Post-Purchase Cross Sell with 1-Click.

2. Assign your upsell by choosing from the options to assign one upsell to all Post-Purchase pages, or based on which product the customer bought. You can also use a mix of assigning the upsell by the product purchased or a global upsell for unassigned products.

3. Select the heading for your upsell Post-Purchase  page, and be sure to save your updates.

Choose Post-Purchase Cross Sells or Upsells to your Shopify Store
Assign Post-Purchase Cross Sells Following your Store's Selling Strategy.

Cross Sell & Upsell Post-Purchase Example:

Cross Sell allows you to hand-pick upsells for specific initial purchases, presenting them right after customers complete an order. Save your selections, customize colors to match your theme, and, if needed, reach out to us at for aesthetic assistance.

Now, when a customer completes an order, your Post-Purchase upsell will appear before the thank you page, streamlining the additional purchase process.

Display of Post-Purchase Recommendations
Example of a Post-Purchase Cross Sell.

Step 3: Track clicks and conversions

Use your Cross Sell & Upsell dashboard to track clicks, conversions, and revenue related to your upsells and cross-sells. Analyzing this data helps you understand customer responses and optimize upselling efforts for maximum profitability.

This simple process of adding Post-Purchase upsells with Cross Sell & Upsell yields tangible benefits, including increased order value and revenue.

Post-Purchase Upsells – Frequently Asked Questions:

Let's address some common queries about adding Post-Purchase upsells on Shopify with Cross Sell & Upsell.

1. Do customers have to enter payment information again?

No. Cross Sell seamlessly adds the extra purchase to the previous invoice, ensuring a quick and effortless upselling process.

2. What other upsells or cross-sells can I display with Cross Sell & Upsell?

Cross Sell offers a variety of options, including best sellers, "also bought" items, "complete the look" items, Post-Purchase cross sells, product bundles, discounted products, and more.

3. What if an upsell is out of stock?

Activate a setting in your Cross Sell dashboard to hide items that are out of stock or already in the customer's cart, ensuring a seamless and relevant upselling experience.

Take Advantage of Post-Purchase Upsells to Grow Your Store

To boost your Shopify store, strategically placed upsells and cross-sells play a vital role in increasing average order value, revenue, and profits. Cross Sell simplifies this process, helping one-off customers become repeat buyers, ultimately growing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Get started today with post-purchase upsells by trying out Cross Sell. Our app is easy to install and set up, and you can test its effectiveness with a free trial account. Sign up now and elevate your Shopify store with strategically placed post-purchase upsells!

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