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How do I choose cross sells that are in stock or have inventory?

Unfortunately for now there's no filter for out-of-stock, or in-stock items inside our app.

When assigning cross sells, why aren't all my products showing in search?

) If your store is using a password page on its storefront:

Cart total or cart count is not refreshing after adding items from popup or Add to Cart buttons

If you have activated our Upsell Popup and/or use our Add to Cart buttons from Settings -> Quickview & Upsell Popup, but the cart total or count is not refreshing after items have been added, then you might need to make use of our Cart refresh function in the Advanced section.

Upsell popup not working?

If you have activated our Upsell Popup feature via our app's Settings -> Quickview & Popup Settings, and nothing is showing up when users click on "add to cart", then the problem might be one of the following:

Ultimate Troubleshooting Checklist, or why are my cross sells not working?

Saved changes to assigned Cross Sells or Settings can sometimes take up to 30 seconds to show up. When in doubt try hard refreshing (holding down ⌘ Cmd on MacOS (Ctrl on Windows) + the ⇧ Shift key + R) on your product or cart pages.
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