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Increase Your Sales With These Shopify Thank You Page Optimization Tips

There are many ways to optimize your online store so that you attract visitors and entice them into converting to paying customers. One way that may not be on your radar is your store’s thank you page. Here, we’ll go over what exactly is meant by the thank you page, why it’s important to optimize it, and some key Shopify thank you page optimization tips. You can also check out some useful examples of these strategies in action with real ecommerce businesses.

The Shopify Thank You Page

The Shopify thank you page is just how it sounds – the order confirmation page that your customers will see when their order is complete. By default, they’ll get a thank you, an order summary, and any updates on shipping details and status. This is all important information, but there’s more you can and should do with this page. In fact, order confirmation pages are quite underused in ecommerce.

Why Should I Optimize My Shopify Thank You Page?

Your thank you page should, of course, thank your customers for their purchase, but there are other reasons to consider optimizing this page. Here’s what the rationale boils down to.

Save Money on New Customers and Generate Repeat Business

The truth is, optimizing your Shopify thank you page gets you repeat business and it’s expensive to acquire new customers. Thankfully, when you optimize and showcase your store in new ways, you get to take advantage of more sales opportunities. This happens by encouraging and incentivizing your customers to come back and buy again and also refer others, resulting in new business.

These things are critical to your success since:

It makes total sense when you think about it: someone who has just bought from you has demonstrated they trust your brand and what you offer. This makes them much likelier than new visitors to your store to browse your promotions, deals, and other offerings.

Reach Your Target Audience

With retail ecommerce sales expected to reach nearly 22 percent of global retail sales in 2024 and an increasing number of online stores launching each day, it’s no wonder reaching your target audience is tricky. You’re competing for the best price, service, and/or quality, plus trying to differentiate yourself from the steep competition. And, with advertising, communications, and everything else, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one. So, you want to do all you can to keep those you’ve worked so hard to get.

But where exactly does your thank you order confirmation page play into all of this? Remember, your customer has just shopped and is likely still in the mood for it. Don’t make it easy for them to move on to another store. Use this final opportunity of your buying experience to entice them to keep browsing or share more about their needs. Since these customers have already provided their payment and shipping details, it’s incredibly easy to add more items to their order.

Of course, there’s no way you can personalize and customize your Shopify thank you page for each and every customer. But, you can try various optimization techniques using tools like Cross Sell.

Cross Sell Can Help You Easily Optimize Your Thank You Page

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How Do I Optimize My Shopify Thank You Page?

​​Steps to Optimize the Shopify Thank You Page

Since Shopify doesn’t have the functionality for easy thank you page editing, you’ll have to follow some specific steps. But, it’s worthwhile considering all of the benefits that an optimized thank you page will bring to your business.

You’ll either need to use a third-party app or add code yourself with the additional scripts box on Shopify’s Checkout Settings page. Speaking of apps, no matter how you decide to optimize your thank you page, Cross Sell is a great tool that can help. It quickly and easily streamlines personalized recommended cross-sells and upsells to your customers. Just be aware if you go the coding route that you’ll need some technical expertise under your belt. But, with this option, you can include images, buttons, text boxes, and more.

Strategies for Optimizing the Shopify Thank You Page

Add cross-sells and upsells

Cross-selling and upselling involve promoting similar things to what a customer initially planned to buy. Since these recommendations are targeted, people generally perceive them as less pushy than other types of promotional offers. Great news, since this will most likely put you in an even better light.

If you’re unfamiliar with these tactics:

  • Cross-selling is convincing your customers to make an additional related purchase to what they’ve already picked out.
  • Upselling is boosting the total value of an order by encouraging a more expensive or entirely different and unrelated purchase.

For instance, someone buying $65 running shoes could decide to get some socks as well, which would be a cross-sell. In this example, an upsell would be a different pair of shoes that cost $100.

Optimize Your Thank You Page With the Help of Cross Sell

Easily Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page With Cross Sell!

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Offer a future purchase incentive

Chances are you’ve been tempted to revisit and potentially buy from a store again, whether brick and mortar or ecommerce, because you were offered reward points or an outright discount on your next purchase. Why not use this consumer behavior psychology to your advantage and offer your own incentive on your Shopify thank you page? Plus, post-purchase incentives are one of the most effective and least intrusive ways to get your AOV (average order value) up and increase your profits immediately.

You can make these offers via a popup to get your customer’s attention. The key is to be flexible enough while still creating some urgency around it with an expiry date so the offer is time-sensitive. This way, they won’t want to miss out on a one-time deal and you won’t leave too much time lapse between visits up to chance.

Speak directly to your customers through video

Surprise and delight your customers through video when they reach your thank you page. They certainly won’t be expecting to see your smiling face or hear your voice, and this is a great opportunity to tell them about store announcements or events, your shipping process, return policies, promotions, and product or service launches.

Invite customers to follow you on social media

While social media is a great way to engage your customers on an ongoing basis and maintain momentum, it can be tough to get them to click that “follow” button for your Instagram, Facebook, and other social pages. When they’re making a purchase and you already have their undivided attention on the order confirmation thank you page, it presents an ideal time to remind them about your social media channels and ask them to engage – with an incentive like a small discount or contest entry can be an even more effective way to go. The best part? In the future, you can use the new connection to re-engage and target them with promotions or ads.

Examples of Stores That Successfully Optimize Their Thank You Page

Not surprisingly, Amazon has mastered the approach of thank you page optimization. The company collects and utilizes a huge amount of customer data, which makes their thank you page cross-sell and upsell offers and recommendations hugely personalized based on browsing and purchase history. This is a very effective strategy that’s tough for customers to ignore:

shopify thank you page amazon

Another great example of cross-selling and upselling on the thank you page is from Stily. The “people who bought this also bought…” section makes it tempting to add another item – like one frequently bought together – to your order:

shopify thank you page stily

Shopify itself has a thank you page for its blog that helps ecommerce entrepreneurs start, manage, and grow their stores. When you sign up for their newsletter, the header changes to a thank you for signing up and information about next steps along with a free trial of Shopify:

shopify thank you page shopify

Here, Warby Parker eyewear makes it super simple to share a just-made purchase with friends and family on social media, by providing the share buttons:

shopify thank you page warby parker

Now that you’ve learned about the various ways to optimize your Shopify thank you page and why this is so important, you can begin driving more traffic and encouraging your store’s visitors to purchase. Use the thank you page optimization tips we provided and, with the help of Cross Sell, you can easily and quickly set up personalized recommendations to all of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Cross Sell Can Help You Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page

Try Cross Sell for Shopify Thank You Page Optimization!e

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